SolidRock Production is proud to provide some of the highest quality real estate photography services in Calgary and the surrounding area. When it comes to buying a home, there is nothing that homebuyers desire more than accurate visual representations of the property so that they can make an instant judgement of whether they are interested in learning more about that home. This is where we come in.   

Need a photographer that can work with your budget? You’ve come to the right place. We work with homeowners and real estate agents alike to create captivating real estate images and videos, as well as virtual staging mock-ups. We prioritize timeliness in our work so that our customers can have their real estate photos and videos uploaded to home-listing sites, such as, and in-front of potential leads as soon as possible. Read on to learn more about each of our individual real estate photography services and view examples of our prior work.


Real Estate 

We live in an increasingly visual society. The vast majority of home buyers use online resources as the first step in their home buying process and the first two things that they see in a home listing are the price and the photos.

By investing in high-quality interior home photos, you can greatly increase the number of leads that your home receives, and these assets can even go as far as increasing the asking price of your home. 

We use the latest Canon camera bodies and lenses to dial in the perfect settings for interior photo shoots. Our experience and property photography gallery is a testament to the warm moods, vibrant colors, and depth of field that we are able to capture in a variety of homes.

While it may be tempting to save some money and capture your interior home photos on your own, we highly recommend consulting a professional for this portion of your real estate marketing, as it will surely pay-off in the long run.

We also specialize in aerial real estate photography. With each passing year in real estate, it has become more and more accepted by real estate agents and home sellers that drone photos and videos are an unparalleled marketing tool for online home listings.

Modern House

Real Estate Video Tours

Have you ever visited a home listing in person, only to find out that it was nothing like you expected? When potential home buyers view a listing, they want to be able to actually envision themselves living and thriving in that space. One of the best ways to aid them in doing that is through custom video tours. These videos are great assets for home-listing sites.


While interior real estate photography is a great first step in marketing your property, it only goes so far in giving a viewer a feel for what the interior of a home is actually like. Custom video tours use a combination of aerial real estate video clips as well as walk-throughs covering the main rooms of the house.

We use modern stabilization equipment and software to make viewers feel as if they are actually touring the home. After watching a video tour, a lead then knows with certainty that they want to take the next step in viewing your home in person. Over 50% of online home listings are using some form of 3D walkthrough or video tour in 2020. Want to stay on top of the trends? Give us a call.


Twilight Photography

We are often asked how SolidRock Production differentiates ourselves from other real estate photography companies. One way we answer that is through the use of twilight real estate photos! When looking at home listings, you will notice that seemingly every home photo is shown in broad daylight.

While there is nothing wrong with this, you can make your property listing stand out by using several “twilight” property photos that are carefully rendered using a combination of HDR photography techniques and software.


Golden hour, or the span of time directly after sunrise or before sunset, is one of the most visually pleasing times of day, when colors are vibrantly captured and you have the warm feeling of returning home from work or visiting a friends house for an evening BBQ. We include twilight photo rendering as part of our photo packages as we feel it is important to give our clients a wide arsenal of tools to flip their homes as soon as possible! View our gallery to learn more about the power of twilight photography.


Virtual Staging

You may be selling a property that is not actively occupied. If this is the case, there is likely a minimal amount of furniture in the home. When it comes time to capture interior photos, this can result in an empty looking home that lacks depth of field and the generally welcoming feeling that you want to give off. This is where virtual staging comes in.

Virtual staging is a tool that we pair with our real estate photography to give an accurate representation of what a fully-furnished room would look like. 

With virtual staging, you have the freedom to portray a variety of different interior design elements while completely eliminating some of the clutter that may have existed in a real-life environment. We enjoy customizing rooms to fit your target audience’s tastes, and in most cases, it is difficult to tell that some of the interior design elements are virtually staged.

While there are a multitude of real estate photography companies across Orlando, Daytona Beach, and the surrounding area, few of them specialize in virtual staging. We are your one-stop-shop for all of your real estate photography needs!