Virtual  staging 

Attract More Buyers Through Virtual Staging

Buyers want to get a better idea of how big a room actually is and what type of furniture would fit inside. They also want layout ideas to help them reach a buying decision and figure out how to arrange furniture after they move in. With our virtual furniture staging tool, you can provide buyers with a convenient way to envision what their dream home could look like!


Through Virtual Staging, You Can:

  • Virtually remove items for a clean look

  • Add in furniture for size reference

  • Give buyers furniture layout ideas

  • Attract more interested, engaged buyers

  • Provide a useful visualization tool

  • Improve your chances of making a sale!

Virtual Staging

Real estate photography is the first thing that home shoppers look through when determining which houses they’re interested in, so the goal is to impress them from the get-go. This is where virtual staging comes in.

By using our virtual staging services, you’ll be able to give an accurate representation of what a a fully furnished room would look like, as well as give the potential buyer the ability to get ideas of what they could do if they were to purchase the home. Giving them this creative channel will increase the likelihood that they’ll schedule a walk through or attend the next open house.

Not only will virtual staging bring in more prospective buyers, but it will also save you money on costly furniture rentals, the hassle of moving heavy furniture around, and the time that can be used marketing the listing. You also avoid the possibility of causing damage to the property by shuffling the furniture around.

Whether you have an idea of the look you want the home to have, current interior trends, or would like to personalize it to meet your target audience’s tastes, our virtual staging will have the empty listing looking full and beautiful.

At SolidRock Production, our mission is to help you sell your listing quickly and efficiently through our professional real estate photography services and virtual staging. If you’re looking to sell a home in the Calgary and Area, be sure to contact us today.